Items You Should Have for a Beautiful Rustic Wedding


Designing a rustic wedding is beautiful and can be very unique. There are many items that you could have in order to have the perfect rustic wedding. From wedding venues and decorations to crafty furniture pieces and the food, this is a small guide to help you design the perfect rustic wedding.


The venue could be anywhere, a winery, a farm or a forest area. There are so many different venues. Wherever your venue is, one great space to use for a ceremony, reception or a dancing area is a barn. A barn is a place where the opportunities are endless. Hanging lights from the ceiling will brighten the space as well as create character to your wedding.


The grand entrance is everything to a bride and well basically everyone at the wedding. You want to try to have something that is creative and still be giving that rustic feel. I found this amazing picture of wood doors that are opened and over the top is a wood sign that has a saying. Your guests will enter the ceremony area through there as well as the bride when she makes her grand entrance.


Another great piece that I believe would look beautiful in the ceremony area is these logs of wood with a candle or a jar of flowers on top of them. I feel like this is a simple touch but it ties together the outdoor rustic theme beautifully.

565389e8704abab1853ae44a57e608b1For the bouquet I would go with some baby breath and bright flowers to tie in with some wonderful colors. I think this bouquet is amazing and simply put together. Tying your bouquet with twine will sure to bring in the burlap and wood feel.




For the table settings and arrangements you could go with any color scheme you would like. I think by adding wood pieces as centerpieces are so creative and it ties in with the rustic feel. By adding flowers on top of the wood piece with a cute glass jar or vase is simply beautiful. Adding lights or candles to the centerpieces will help bring light to the table as well.


So the bar is a must for a wedding… obviously. You want to make sure to add the rustic feel to your bar as well. I found this cute bar set up online and I think that it is perfect. They have wood barrels as the base and piece of wood on top of the barrels. This is such an inexpensive way to create a beautiful furniture piece to use for a wedding. You can create this as a bar or a dessert table. You can also create your own unique style when displaying your items on the table by adding beautiful dishes and adding flowers.257c8f2856c30f2fab05150776bd8ff9

Lastly, the cake. The cake is so important to display you want to be able for people to see and admire it. A great way to make a cake stand is to stack a bunch of wood boxes together and create a huge tear so that the cake can go on the top.

These are just some great finds that I found on creating a rustic wedding! There are so so many great ideas on The Knot regarding rustic weddings as well as the blog Style Me Pretty.

Happy Wednesday y’all!



Fantastic Online Finds at a Discount!

When decorating your home you want your style to well, be your own style. You want to make your home comfortable and up to your standards. So, when you are shopping around for items that are unique to you where do you look? High end stores, discount stores, online? Whether it be furniture or small accents there are many different items that could satisfy your needs.

The same goes for an event. When you are planning a party or a wedding you want to get the best deals for your money and best items. You are looking for items to complete your entire look and want to make sure that its a perfect event. Again, were would you look in stores or online?

I choose to venture online to compare prices and find the best items for whatever event or home decor I am looking for. I recently came across a couple great websites that have such great finds for your home that I would love to share with you.

Accent Decor

Accent Decor

Accent Decor

The first is Accent Decor. This website has unique items that I think will add great style to your home. They have countless candle votives that they offer which are great for any centerpiece or
little accents on any table. They also carry many ceramic pots for flowers that are stand out pieces on there own. Adding these as a centerpiece for a table, in a bathroom, bedroom or just around your kitchen, it is sure to be a statement piece. I would really recommend searching this website for items that you want to by as a pack, they offer a lower price when you buy them in a set but if you want to by individual items you can too!

Save on Crafts

Save on Crafts

Save on Crafts

The second website that I came across was Save on Crafts. This is a wedding and event discount website. I highly recommend this site for many of your wedding items as well as different events. They have everything from Wedding Themes to DIY Party Decorations. I love that they break up their website by categories. This way it is so much easier to find what exactly you are looking for. With all of there great items you are sure to find what are you are needing for any event at a discounted price. Not only is this site great for an event or wedding but you can find many great finds for your home as well. They offer home and garden decor as well as so many other items that you could decorate your beautiful home with.

Floral Supply Syndicate

Floral Supply


Another great website is Floral Supply Syndicate. This is a site that actually has many locations around the United States. We tend to use this location for our company from the Reno area.
They have great floral products. They offer a wide verity of flower arrangement options and offer great vases and baskets. Not only do they offer floral arrangements but on their site you can to find things like birdcage decorations, Accent Decor items, display lights, crafts supplies and many other items. To have fresh flowers around the home would be ideal and so beautiful so this is a great company to order your flowers from. Being a wholesale store they offer many discounts on their arrangements and individual flowers. This is also a great website to look for event decorations. We tend to use their floral arrangements because they offer so many options and their prices are fair. This wholesale store will sure to help you find all of your floral needs and more!

These are just a few websites that I think are a great start to finding your event and home needs. Finding and comparing prices will help you decorate in a inexpensive way and be able to have one of a kind items.

I have pinned a couple of these items on Pinterest! So don’t forget to check it out!


Beautiful Tahoe Wedding Venue

Today I explored The Tahoe Tree Company in Tahoe City California. The Tahoe Tree Company started in 1954 as a small nursery. It has expanded greatly into a bigger nursery with many Tahoe-Tree-Company-Wedding-Tahoe-City-CA-01.1413256963more plants and flowers. It has recently has become one of the favorite wedding venues in the Tahoe area.  It has a beautiful forest feel, surrounded by trees and so much greenery. This outdoor venue is one of a kind. They have many different levels with in their venue. A lower area for the ceremony, another lower area for dinner or dancing, a upper deckIMG_0660 2 for cocktails and room for a bar. Also, they have a great indoor lodge area with huge doors that open up to the upper deck so guests can go inside and outside if they choose to do. They have beautiful lights that are swung from tree to tree on the lower level to light up the beautiful Tahoe sky.

As an employee for an event planning business in Tahoe City, this venue is one of our most used. My boss is the wedding planner for this venue so she handles the weddings held at the Tahoe Tree Company. It is great to be a wedding planner for a IMG_0662 2venue like this because you have become so familiar with it. You know the dos and donts and what works and what doesn’t. This way clients are much more willing to trust your opinions and trust that you know what areas are best for each part of the wedding.

Wedding websites like The Knot and Wedding Spot have acknowledged the Tahoe Tree Company as a wonderful wedding venue and many couples and guests have wrote great reviews. Tahoe Tree Company is such a beautiful venue to choose for a wedding. It will absolutely make someones special day amazing.

I suggest that if you are just in the area to stop by and check out the grounds. Whether it be just to look at the nursery, look at the garden shop or look for a wedding venue its definitely worth the stop!

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What to Add to Your Beach Bag

Its Summer time! Which means swimsuits, sun and the beach. It may be hard between jobs to go to the beach so you want to enjoy every minute of it. Every one needs to pack the perfect beach bag to enjoy your beach day. Here are a few tips on what to put in your bag!

#1 Beach Bag

First off you’ll need to get a beach bag big enough to put all of your belongings in. I recommend something that is light and something cloth so it doesn’t get to hot in the sun. I found this rip-curl aloha bag that I feel is perfect!

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

#2 Sunscreen

Of course you’ll need some sunscreen to protect you from the sun. I would recommend you to get this h2o product. Its light on your skin and you can wear in under makeup if you choose. It doesn’t feel as oily on your skin.


Photo Credit

#3 Tanning Lotion 

Everyone wants that summer glow. So for a tanning lotion I recommend maui babe. I love this tanning oil. I first tried it in Maui, Hawaii when my family and I went on vacation there a few years back. I was walking in Ulta one day and realized that they had it for sale there! It’s a great product to get you that dark color.

suntan lotion

Photo Credit

#4 Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must while hanging out in the sun. There are endless options while searching for the perfect sunglasses. I choose Ray Ban sunglasses cause I think that they are great quality sunglasses and fit really well.


Photo Credit

#5 Towel/Blanket

You’ll definitely need a towel. Now this isn’t your average towel, its a blanket but I find that this blanket is much more comfortable and a lot bigger to have when you are lounging at the beach. You’ll need to bring a towel if you are planning on going into the water. But this blanket is light and easy to carry in your bag.

Mehari Blanket

Photo Credit

#6 Small Pouch

I also recommend that you bring a small pouch in order to keep your phone, money, keys, chapstick and all the other little things that you might need for yourself. I choose to show this little zip Kate Spade bag because it is a perfect size to fit in the bag.

Small Pouch

Photo Credit

#7 Hairband

I also recommend that you bring some sort of headband or hair tie in order to keep your hair out of the way on a hot day. I know for me I hate when my hair is in my face so this is a great way to just keep your hair up all day.

bach hair styles

Photo Credit

#8 Waterbottle

Being hydrated is so very important when you are sitting in the hot sun. One of the best water bottles I have found is the hydro flask. This water bottle has a stainless steal double wall insulation will keep your drinks ice cold.

hydro flask

Photo Credit

#9 Speakers

Lastly, you need some music! I love having some speakers to play when I’m out enjoying the beach. My friend recently got the wireless Bose speaker. It plays at the perfect volume and you can keep it in your bag to protect it from sand and it still is loud enough for you are your friends.

wireless speaker

Photo Credit

There are other little things that you can obviously add to the bag but here are just some of the items that I would recommend for a perfect day off at the beach!

Hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful Tuesday!


Easy Ways to Organize Your Accessories

Being someone who is into fashion, I have tons of accessories to go with my outfits. I have to come up with some creative and space saving ways to keep your accessories neat and still somewhat visual.

FullSizeRender 12One of the best purchases I have made is a jewelry box from Target. It has more than enough room to add jewelry and keep it organized. In the top part it has slots for your rings, a section for your watches and bigger bracelets and also a section for your earrings. For my earrings, I FullSizeRender 10laid them out like a display so that I didn’t have to search through to find each pair. The second shelf is for my bangles and other loose bracelets as well as my other watch. I also have bin for my bigger stud earrings. Having this small bin is a great way to conserve space when you have little earrings that need to be stored. Although your accessories are not completely visual to other people to see right away, it is a great way to conserve space and make your jewelry less cluttered.

Another option for jewelry is a frame with hooks. I made this in such a simple way. I got a woodFullSizeRender 8 frame from the dollar store and little screw hooks from Home Depot and screwed them into the frame. This way I can hang more of my bigger and bulker necklaces. I put this piece into my walk in closet, on the wall, next to the door so that when my closet door is closed you don’t have to see the necklaces if I don’t want to. Its a good way to save space and money.

FullSizeRender 9For sunglasses and perfume, I choose to create this more as a decorative piece for the space. I bought a gold and white tray and decided to lay out
the sunglasses and perfume like they are on display. I chose to do this because these are accessories I choose to wear everyday. I added a decorative candle just to fill the extra space. Having your sunglasses and perfume laid out doesn’t have to looked cluttered. If you choose to keep it organized it can make your space look stylish and chic.

There are a ton of great blogs and website that help with organizing accessories. I have found that Arianna Belle The Blog has some great tips and ideas that can help with your accessory organization.

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!


My Favorite Style Book

IMG_0643When you are looking for creative ways to design or style something, I tend to look on the internet or in books. One of my favorite books that I have read over and over is Style by Lauren Conrad. I love this book because it gives you such great insight on fashion. She covers on how to design your wardrobe, how to shop for it and how to design your closet with all of your clothes. I love that she starts with the basics on fashion and builds throughout. She lets you know the basic clothing you’ll need to make multiple outfits. This way you can have a completely different look by spending less money. FullSizeRender 4She recommends on getting a little black dress, jeans, collared button down, skirt, boots, white and black tops, black heels, blazer and a coat. This way you can create summer looks as well as winter looks at a smaller price. Accessories are also important when creating your own style. You want the jewelry basics, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. You could get many different options. For a necklace I would stick to gold, small gold necklaces look sleek and new. I love the Alex and Ani collection for necklaces. For earrings I would stick with studs that way you don’t take away to much from your necklace and other accessories. From each chapter of this fashion section, you can get some great tips and tricks in order to have a complete new stylish look.

I love the last two chapters of this book as well. She covers traveling and events. Traveling can be such a hassle especially trying to pack. FullSizeRender 3Lauren states strategic packing is a must. How to strategically pack is to minimize your options. Lay out the outfits you want to wear on your trip so that you aren’t just tossing things into your suitcase that you might not end up wearing. She states that you should roll up your clothing so that it is easier for you to fit more into your suitcase. A great way to keep your accessories from getting all mixed up is to put them in a washcloth and store it in a Ziplock bags. Packing is difficult, but if you do it the right way it could be that much simpler!

FullSizeRender 2The last chapter covers events and parties. Dressing for a party can be hard depending on what kind of party it is. Lauren said decoding the invitation is really important to figure out what to wear. From a casual party to a cocktail party to a black tie party, she gives us some options for

Making your style your own is so important. You want yourself to stand out from the crowd. Lauren states that its the little tweaks that make an outfit exceptional. I love this book because it helps with style in so many ways. Learning what basic items I need in my closet to how to pack for a vacation to what to wear to an event. It gives great insight on everything fashion!

Happy Sunday!


Creating a Stylish and Functional Work Space

Desk Accessories

Photo Credit

Creating a useful and functional workspace is key. A desk is a space you need in order to have a functional and productive work life. You don’t want a messy desk, because who would want to sit at that all day long. You want a desk where you can have less clutter, meaning that you will have less supplies but the supplies you do have are the functional ones. Here are a few tips and supplies you’ll need in order to create a useful desk.

Tip #1:

You want to make sure you clear everything off of your current desk so that you will have a clean slate. Put aside the items that you do have on your current desk just in case you decide that you might want to use them for your new desk.

Tip #2:

Going shopping for your new desk will be fun! You want to make sure that you just get simple supplies so that the desk doesn’t become messy and unorganized. When shopping you want to go to shops like Home Goods or Target. I found most of my desk supplies at Target! They have really cute items at a discounted prices. I love all the gold for desk accessories.  These are the supplies I recommend for your new desk.

Desk Syuff

Photo Credit



-Tape dispenser

-To do board

-Small dish where you can put paperclips in

-A small cup to put pens, pencils and the scissors

-A file holder


Photo Credit

Tip #3:

The to-do board can be used to keep your daily thoughts visual for you to see as you are working. This is a great way to make sure all of your work is finished. In order to make this you can get a simple 5X7 picture frame from any home store. It should be fairly inexpensive. All you need to get is a  piece of paper that has a light color design on it and write to-do on the top. You
can use sticker lettering or you could write it yourself. Then put it in the frame where the picture would go. Now it becomes like a white board where you can erase and add as needed and you don’t need to waste paper. It’s such a simple and easy way to keep your thoughts organized.

Tip #4:

File Folder

Photo Credit

For the file folder, you can purchase these at Ikea. They are very inexpensive and you can them in a two pack. This way they are slim enough to have two on your desk. It also hides the files so that it looks neat.

FullSizeRenderTip #5 

My desk space is very limited and so a calendar for me would take up to much room. I choose to have a life planner that I can carry around with me but also can have sitting on the desk next to my computer.I think that it is a great accessory to have. I always make sure that I have the dates on my computer of course but I find it great to have a paper calendar just in
case. That is why the Erin Condren life planner is a must.

Tip #6

Have fun with designing your new desk! There is no right way or wrong way to make your workspace. Be able to inspire yourself and pick products that are functional for you and your work. I gave you a basic supply list but you can always alter it. You can also get some small decorative pieces as well like flowers or candles to make it more like home!

There are some simple tips in how to organize and utilizes a functional work space. There are endless options to what your desk can look like. Have fun with it!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!