My Creative Space

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to design. Growing up I was constantly bored with the way I dressed or the way my room looked so I was always changing the style. Luckily, my mom is the same way so when I was younger she totally got wanting to change up my look. She always helped me in redesigning my room, even if it was as simple as changing around the furniture so that the room had a whole new look and feel. Now that I am older and living on my own, I have tried to design more efficiently and be more cost sensitive while still changing the style. When I moved into my home this year, I knew that I wanted to be able to make my room something special, where I could express my own chic design. Although it was hard to do that with a college budget, I made do. I began to make pieces on my own by using items that I had before and redesigning them. I also had a major Goodwill phase, where my roommates and I, almost every weekend, would go bargain shopping in order to find what we wanted and redesign pieces to make them our own.IMG_0847

Since I do share a house with three other people it’s difficult to create a whole house design on my own, but my room is a place where I can express my creativity fully. When I first started thinking about how I wanted to design the space I thought about the main colors I wanted to center my design around. I have been intrigued by designs that have gold in them, so I knew that I wanted to have some gold accents that would tie into another color. I decided on a deep purple with the gold accents. I combined all white furniture which helped to brighten up the room with the dark purple accent.IMG_0842

Designing was the hard part. Trying to decide where I wanted to put everything within the space I had to work with was difficult. I probably changed my room around ten times before I finally decided where to just put the furniture. I began to piece different items together that I had designed on the walls and on my dresser and desk. The room filled up quickly with all of the decor and created a chic design. It slowly began to look like my kind of perfection.

Designing and creating is one of my biggest passions. I tend to show you guys pieces of hand-made creations as well as the design projects from working at my internship!

Until next time!



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