Making a Useful Furniture Piece with Limited Space

There are only two ways my bed can fit in my bedroom. Either in the center of the room against the window or how it is positioned now, in the corner on the right side of the room. So when I changed my room around, and positioned my bed on the right side of the room, it was difficult for me to add my old nightstand because it would be blocking the door. I cant tell you how frustrating it is to not be able to have a class of water next to your bed or a place to put your remote or reading glasses when its time to go to bed. I had to think of a creative way in order for me to utilize this little space I had in order to make some sort of night stand.

Since I had about one foot between my bed frame and the door to work with, I felt shelves may be my best bet. I started out by getting two, 1 foot by 1 foot wood squares and sanded them and stained them with black wood stain. I made about three coats of the stain with just a medium size paintbrush. IMG_0567

After the wood squares dried, I then began to build the shelving foundation. I went to Home Depot hardware store and purchased two 12” shelf tracks as well as four 12” self track brackets. This way I was able to haveIMG_0561 two shelves, one right below the other. I also purchased from Home Depot a dry wall and stud anchor screws to make sure that the shelves were secure. I first started by using a normal screw driver and screwing in the two shelf tracks.
I didn’t have a level, so I started the first track then added the shelf on once I finished screwing in the first track so that I could make sure that the second track would be level. Once I had the tracks in place, I then added the self track brackets. I put in the first two at the very top and then the second two on the very bottom, so that there was enough space between the two selves.

After the foundation for the shelves had been put up, I then added the wood squares right on top of the brackets. I made sure that the unit was secure and in place before I added some decor pieces to the new night stand. IMG_0566

In all I spent a total of thirty dollars making this project. This is such an easy way to make a shelving unit if you are limited on space. Its also unique and creative which could add a lot of character and style to a room! There are so many other good ideas for
adding shelves in small spaces on HGTV.

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