Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation can be such an exciting time for a young college graduate. Celebrating your many accomplishments over the past four years and seeing what the future holds. Being able to celebrate with your loved ones is one of the best parts so why not have a party!

Recently, I had my college graduation party at my parents house back home in California. We invited all of my family, friends and neighbors that I have known for basically my whole life. It was one big reunion! I was so excited to help my mom with this party. We put so much thought into what we wanted to cook and how we wanted to decorate. We went to good ol Pinterest to get some ideas on what exactly we were looking for! We found some great ideas on graduation party ideas. I also found the blog by Hostess with the Mostess, which had some awesome ideas for a party!IMG_0494

My party was held outdoors in my parents backyard, which is a great location because you get the sunlight with all of the beautiful outdoor amenities like the waterfall, built in barbecue and garden my parents have. It made the party just that much nicer by having it outside. We started thinking about the theme, first by picking the colors we wanted to use. We obviously had chosen blue for the University of Nevada and then used silver, black and white as our other colors to accent. We tied all of these colors in throughout the party with the decorations to the food. We choose to have fresh flowers in mason jars as center pieces on all the tables. We also shared throughout the house and IMG_0449backyard, chalkboard signs that had little sayings revolving around graduation. We also decided for food to have a “chip bar” and lemonade stand just to bring some character to the party.

Another great idea that we found on Pinterest was to design the numbers 2-0-1-5 in to larger numbers and make them a cupcake stand. In order to do this, my dad cut the numbers out of wood and made them large enough to hold about 10-15 cupcakes each. He also put wood blocks underneath the numbers on the table to raise them to make the numbers stand out more for guests to see. IMG_0495

The party was such a success and it was a total blast. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. My mom got so many compliments on her work and how great everything was. I was so proud and happy that she held such an amazing event! We had so much fun designing and creating such a fun party where our closet friends and family could gather!

Until next time!



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