Photoshoot Ready!

Working for an event planning and design company has been nothing entertaining, exciting and most importantly fun! My boss decided that since she has so much inventory for weddings and parties that she wanted to design a catalog in order to rent out some of this inventory. In order for her to showcase all of the inventory IMG_0576
she decided to have a photoshoot so that we could use the photos for the catalog. We pulled all of the inventory that my boss has collected over the years and set up “sets” so that she could show off each item. We could also show how some items are versatile and could be used in many different ways. We had the photoshoot outside so that we could use the natural sunlight in order to show off all the products.

We set up one of the tables with La Tavola linens (Watercolors- Turquoise), which had a IMG_0583wooden basket filled with bread, a cheese board and two different types of serving trays on it. One of the types of serving trays is a metal rounded tray with rippled edges with one having a stand and one without a stand.The other trays have wood stands and marble tops. Also, we added a teal vase with assorted flowers to brighten up the look.

Our next table, we also used La Tavola linens (Emily- Berry), which is a fun and playful linen that has different shades of magenta. IMG_0582It also uses, white, yellow and greens to contrast with the magenta. For this table, we used the same flower arrangement that we used on the previous table. We also used a metal wine bucket. Also, arranged in the middle of the table we put two different styles of votives. Both of the votives are from the Gracie Votive collection at Accent Decor, one of them is smaller and the other a little larger.

We had so many products and table set ups that I couldn’t take photos of every product but these two tables were just so amazing and I had to share with you guys! Being able to have a photoshoot for the company is amazing. It was great for me to get ideas as my boss was working and being able to learn from her. The photoshoot will help us be able to rent out the products for weddings and parties and be able to make peoples events look beautiful!

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