Organizing Inventory

Working for a event company, there is a ton of inventory like a mentioned in my previous post Photoshoot Ready! Its important to stay organized when dealing with many products. Staying organized with the inventory, means that you will be able to find products easier and faster. The first thing you need to do to get organized is to make a spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet, you need to add categories like the name of the item, description of it, the quantity and sku number. IMG_0630The sku number is difficult to find on most items because you have to look online or through catalogs in order to find them It has taken me very long to look up some of the items because one of the companies my boss get most of her products from only does catalogs (and these books are thick!).You add all of these categories in order to easily look up where the item is in the inventory room and you can identify what it looks like and which box it is in that much easier. This is really important because when asked to go grab items for an event, I will be educated on where those items are and do not have to sort through the entire room.

As I mentioned before, organizing is a huge part of my job and our company. We recently, took the time and pulled out everything from our inventory room and counted the products and boxed them up so that it is organized in the room. This way the items are now set up and in the places they should be. It is important to lay out the room so that you can easily access the items IMG_0627as well. My boss already had two shelving units in the room that had three shelfs on them each. We added a third shelving unit in order to display the items in their boxes so that they were more visual. IMG_0626This way it keeps structure. There is also a craft desk located in the room, where we have gone through and organized all of the tools, ribbon, markers and so much more. This way when we need to make signs for a wedding or centerpieces everything is easily accessible. To be able to go through all the items and get them in the right place is a good way to realize the items you have and what you don’t have. It’s good to know what items you need to order more of if you are running low. There are some other great tips for organizing inventory found here. This system can be used in the household too! Go through your closets, kitchen, garage really any room in your home and be able to see what items you already have and get them organized. By creating a spreadsheet and a organized room you will be able to be more efficient and productive!

Happy Thursday!



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