Creating a Stylish and Functional Work Space

Desk Accessories

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Creating a useful and functional workspace is key. A desk is a space you need in order to have a functional and productive work life. You don’t want a messy desk, because who would want to sit at that all day long. You want a desk where you can have less clutter, meaning that you will have less supplies but the supplies you do have are the functional ones. Here are a few tips and supplies you’ll need in order to create a useful desk.

Tip #1:

You want to make sure you clear everything off of your current desk so that you will have a clean slate. Put aside the items that you do have on your current desk just in case you decide that you might want to use them for your new desk.

Tip #2:

Going shopping for your new desk will be fun! You want to make sure that you just get simple supplies so that the desk doesn’t become messy and unorganized. When shopping you want to go to shops like Home Goods or Target. I found most of my desk supplies at Target! They have really cute items at a discounted prices. I love all the gold for desk accessories.  These are the supplies I recommend for your new desk.

Desk Syuff

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-Tape dispenser

-To do board

-Small dish where you can put paperclips in

-A small cup to put pens, pencils and the scissors

-A file holder


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Tip #3:

The to-do board can be used to keep your daily thoughts visual for you to see as you are working. This is a great way to make sure all of your work is finished. In order to make this you can get a simple 5X7 picture frame from any home store. It should be fairly inexpensive. All you need to get is a  piece of paper that has a light color design on it and write to-do on the top. You
can use sticker lettering or you could write it yourself. Then put it in the frame where the picture would go. Now it becomes like a white board where you can erase and add as needed and you don’t need to waste paper. It’s such a simple and easy way to keep your thoughts organized.

Tip #4:

File Folder

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For the file folder, you can purchase these at Ikea. They are very inexpensive and you can them in a two pack. This way they are slim enough to have two on your desk. It also hides the files so that it looks neat.

FullSizeRenderTip #5 

My desk space is very limited and so a calendar for me would take up to much room. I choose to have a life planner that I can carry around with me but also can have sitting on the desk next to my computer.I think that it is a great accessory to have. I always make sure that I have the dates on my computer of course but I find it great to have a paper calendar just in
case. That is why the Erin Condren life planner is a must.

Tip #6

Have fun with designing your new desk! There is no right way or wrong way to make your workspace. Be able to inspire yourself and pick products that are functional for you and your work. I gave you a basic supply list but you can always alter it. You can also get some small decorative pieces as well like flowers or candles to make it more like home!

There are some simple tips in how to organize and utilizes a functional work space. There are endless options to what your desk can look like. Have fun with it!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!



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