Easy Ways to Organize Your Accessories

Being someone who is into fashion, I have tons of accessories to go with my outfits. I have to come up with some creative and space saving ways to keep your accessories neat and still somewhat visual.

FullSizeRender 12One of the best purchases I have made is a jewelry box from Target. It has more than enough room to add jewelry and keep it organized. In the top part it has slots for your rings, a section for your watches and bigger bracelets and also a section for your earrings. For my earrings, I FullSizeRender 10laid them out like a display so that I didn’t have to search through to find each pair. The second shelf is for my bangles and other loose bracelets as well as my other watch. I also have bin for my bigger stud earrings. Having this small bin is a great way to conserve space when you have little earrings that need to be stored. Although your accessories are not completely visual to other people to see right away, it is a great way to conserve space and make your jewelry less cluttered.

Another option for jewelry is a frame with hooks. I made this in such a simple way. I got a woodFullSizeRender 8 frame from the dollar store and little screw hooks from Home Depot and screwed them into the frame. This way I can hang more of my bigger and bulker necklaces. I put this piece into my walk in closet, on the wall, next to the door so that when my closet door is closed you don’t have to see the necklaces if I don’t want to. Its a good way to save space and money.

FullSizeRender 9For sunglasses and perfume, I choose to create this more as a decorative piece for the space. I bought a gold and white tray and decided to lay out
the sunglasses and perfume like they are on display. I chose to do this because these are accessories I choose to wear everyday. I added a decorative candle just to fill the extra space. Having your sunglasses and perfume laid out doesn’t have to looked cluttered. If you choose to keep it organized it can make your space look stylish and chic.

There are a ton of great blogs and website that help with organizing accessories. I have found that Arianna Belle The Blog has some great tips and ideas that can help with your accessory organization.

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!



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