What to Add to Your Beach Bag

Its Summer time! Which means swimsuits, sun and the beach. It may be hard between jobs to go to the beach so you want to enjoy every minute of it. Every one needs to pack the perfect beach bag to enjoy your beach day. Here are a few tips on what to put in your bag!

#1 Beach Bag

First off you’ll need to get a beach bag big enough to put all of your belongings in. I recommend something that is light and something cloth so it doesn’t get to hot in the sun. I found this rip-curl aloha bag that I feel is perfect!

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

#2 Sunscreen

Of course you’ll need some sunscreen to protect you from the sun. I would recommend you to get this h2o product. Its light on your skin and you can wear in under makeup if you choose. It doesn’t feel as oily on your skin.


Photo Credit

#3 Tanning Lotion 

Everyone wants that summer glow. So for a tanning lotion I recommend maui babe. I love this tanning oil. I first tried it in Maui, Hawaii when my family and I went on vacation there a few years back. I was walking in Ulta one day and realized that they had it for sale there! It’s a great product to get you that dark color.

suntan lotion

Photo Credit

#4 Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must while hanging out in the sun. There are endless options while searching for the perfect sunglasses. I choose Ray Ban sunglasses cause I think that they are great quality sunglasses and fit really well.


Photo Credit

#5 Towel/Blanket

You’ll definitely need a towel. Now this isn’t your average towel, its a blanket but I find that this blanket is much more comfortable and a lot bigger to have when you are lounging at the beach. You’ll need to bring a towel if you are planning on going into the water. But this blanket is light and easy to carry in your bag.

Mehari Blanket

Photo Credit

#6 Small Pouch

I also recommend that you bring a small pouch in order to keep your phone, money, keys, chapstick and all the other little things that you might need for yourself. I choose to show this little zip Kate Spade bag because it is a perfect size to fit in the bag.

Small Pouch

Photo Credit

#7 Hairband

I also recommend that you bring some sort of headband or hair tie in order to keep your hair out of the way on a hot day. I know for me I hate when my hair is in my face so this is a great way to just keep your hair up all day.

bach hair styles

Photo Credit

#8 Waterbottle

Being hydrated is so very important when you are sitting in the hot sun. One of the best water bottles I have found is the hydro flask. This water bottle has a stainless steal double wall insulation will keep your drinks ice cold.

hydro flask

Photo Credit

#9 Speakers

Lastly, you need some music! I love having some speakers to play when I’m out enjoying the beach. My friend recently got the wireless Bose speaker. It plays at the perfect volume and you can keep it in your bag to protect it from sand and it still is loud enough for you are your friends.

wireless speaker

Photo Credit

There are other little things that you can obviously add to the bag but here are just some of the items that I would recommend for a perfect day off at the beach!

Hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful Tuesday!



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