Fantastic Online Finds at a Discount!

When decorating your home you want your style to well, be your own style. You want to make your home comfortable and up to your standards. So, when you are shopping around for items that are unique to you where do you look? High end stores, discount stores, online? Whether it be furniture or small accents there are many different items that could satisfy your needs.

The same goes for an event. When you are planning a party or a wedding you want to get the best deals for your money and best items. You are looking for items to complete your entire look and want to make sure that its a perfect event. Again, were would you look in stores or online?

I choose to venture online to compare prices and find the best items for whatever event or home decor I am looking for. I recently came across a couple great websites that have such great finds for your home that I would love to share with you.

Accent Decor

Accent Decor

Accent Decor

The first is Accent Decor. This website has unique items that I think will add great style to your home. They have countless candle votives that they offer which are great for any centerpiece or
little accents on any table. They also carry many ceramic pots for flowers that are stand out pieces on there own. Adding these as a centerpiece for a table, in a bathroom, bedroom or just around your kitchen, it is sure to be a statement piece. I would really recommend searching this website for items that you want to by as a pack, they offer a lower price when you buy them in a set but if you want to by individual items you can too!

Save on Crafts

Save on Crafts

Save on Crafts

The second website that I came across was Save on Crafts. This is a wedding and event discount website. I highly recommend this site for many of your wedding items as well as different events. They have everything from Wedding Themes to DIY Party Decorations. I love that they break up their website by categories. This way it is so much easier to find what exactly you are looking for. With all of there great items you are sure to find what are you are needing for any event at a discounted price. Not only is this site great for an event or wedding but you can find many great finds for your home as well. They offer home and garden decor as well as so many other items that you could decorate your beautiful home with.

Floral Supply Syndicate

Floral Supply


Another great website is Floral Supply Syndicate. This is a site that actually has many locations around the United States. We tend to use this location for our company from the Reno area.
They have great floral products. They offer a wide verity of flower arrangement options and offer great vases and baskets. Not only do they offer floral arrangements but on their site you can to find things like birdcage decorations, Accent Decor items, display lights, crafts supplies and many other items. To have fresh flowers around the home would be ideal and so beautiful so this is a great company to order your flowers from. Being a wholesale store they offer many discounts on their arrangements and individual flowers. This is also a great website to look for event decorations. We tend to use their floral arrangements because they offer so many options and their prices are fair. This wholesale store will sure to help you find all of your floral needs and more!

These are just a few websites that I think are a great start to finding your event and home needs. Finding and comparing prices will help you decorate in a inexpensive way and be able to have one of a kind items.

I have pinned a couple of these items on Pinterest! So don’t forget to check it out!



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